Brief: Design & Innovation Plastics - An approach to solving problems relating natural environment. A practical & innovative product primarily from plastics, with emphasis on form & function. Encouraging a circular economy & sustainability.

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December 2020

The Lid-ya Process

A fun, interactive & playful approach towards a behavioural change in the act of correctly disposing litter. Educating the younger generation in the process.

lidya explanation2 min

an1 min

with  14s min

with  28

Kettle Sketch Ideation

ang3 min

Product Deliverables
  • Within the UK, there 36 different regional policies on which type of plastics can be recycled!
  • How can we educate an efficiently sustainable community.

Research & analysis

Kettle Sketch Ideation

Kettle Sketch Ideation

reserach observation min

Concept Sketch Ideation


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Modelling Development

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  • To follow a true circular economy with a regenerative manufacture production.
  • Incentivising recycling via gamification. Keeping children engaged & providing a sense of achievement.


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